Retreat to nature

The Birch Pond Retreat is what I call my place.

My retreat to nature. I've wanted to live up north for over 40  years and I made it. 

Thirty five acres of stunningly beautiful forest, pond , waterfall and abundant wildlife.  

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Lynn Houston 


What I have done

Custom sewing


My first business was custom sewing and teaching industrial sewing.

Interior Design


Renovations, interior design.

Build models


This is a condo loft in down town Toronto. Scale model loft, work/live studio.

Custom sewing by Dot

Dot (Dorothy my first name) Custom Sewing


Back in the 80's I had my own custom dressmaking business. From going to George Brown for a 9 month paid program for  industrial sewing and pattern drafting I taught myself the rest and started working for myself.

Industrial sewing training course


From 1986 to 1989 I taught immigrant women how to use industrial sewing machines and get work as piece work sewing operators.  

Some of my students


It was the best "Job" I ever had.  

First wedding dress for a client


What a dress, hand beaded , layers of fabric , reinstones, she designed it , I made it happen.

Up close


The bodice was a work of art.

A friends daughter


She looks adorable in her christening dress.